About us

The perfect combination: personal attention and high-level expertise.

Everyone at Dames van Vermeer knows that purchasing or selling a property is much more than just a simple transaction. We know that you are looking for a place to call home, where you can build a future. We understand that these decisions are far from easy and are not made overnight. You need time to find the perfect property for you, your family or your business.

Vermeer’s Ladies

Dames van Vermeer, or ‘Vermeer’s Ladies’ Estate Agents was founded by Nanette and Letty. Our strength lies in the unique combination of our powerfully female office, boosted by that feminine touch and female intuition, and our client-oriented approach with a strong focus on personal attention. We know what motivates you and that the deal is important to you, but without losing sight of the fact that a home should ‘feel’ right above all else.

Stones have value, but it’s really about the connection you feel to the home

We are flexible and passionate professionals. We love our work and have on average 15 years of relevant experience in the sector in this region, providing us with the expertise we need on the Amsterdam housing market, so we can give you the best advice and assistance possible.

Johannes Vermeer

The Little Street - van Vermeer

The Little Street – by Vermeer

Our name has everything to do with the location of our offices: Johannes Vermeerplein number 5. In addition to that, the theme of the year 2016 – the year we were founded – was Johannes Vermeer and all the ‘Ladies’ he so expertly painted.

Our logo is based on the Vermeer painting ‘The Little Street’. We love this painting, but it is also a symbol of how we work. Even in the smallest streets off the beaten path, we look for the most unique and most appealing properties that Amsterdam has to offer and that suit your needs and wishes.