Letty Verboord

Letty Verboord, the estate agent who speaks Dutch with a soft ‘G’. I hail from the small town of Vught, Brabant, and enrolled in an NVM-SOM estate agents programme in the big city in 1997. This move did not surprise anyone who knew me. I’m from a family of ‘builders’ and have been passionate about anything to do with stones and structures since I was little. Construction, architecture, advising on the design of spaces and of course purchase and sale: it all fascinates and motivates me.

I always say:

“Finding and/or selling a property is a commitment not unlike a marriage, but of course it needs to be a good marriage”.

For me, interacting with lots of different people, their wishes, the feeling, the emotion and the business aspect all contribute to my love for my work. It is why I can’t wait to go to work every day and why I do my job with enthusiasm and lots of energy, for your benefit!

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Letty Verboord